Lateral Lines

by Atlantic

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Debut EP from Melbourne metal core act, Atlantic


released June 6, 2014

Song written and performed by Atlantic. Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Callan Orr @ Avalanche Studios




Atlantic Melbourne, Australia

Atlantic are a 5 piece metal outfit from Melbourne, Australia...

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Track Name: Murder Most Royal
left with nothing, no history, no bonds, no ties. for hearts that always knew truth but only ever spoke lies. jaded by something that kept us trapped inside a single soul dissolving... you gave it your all, but in the end i gave it everything! EVERY FUKING THING! oceans remind us... you cast the same stone, just different ways and yet here is still as far as you throw. in due time you've killed forever... lead both shadows to your pretty face amongst the mountain of memories... TIME HAS A WAY WITH THEM! so, a sleeping truth awakens, forsaken... and failure fits! i'll take the chances you swore i never stood. in darker shade but i refuse to fade by every breath you take, i'd say the fate surrounding never knew this much was true. restrained i always played the victim to your vein... THE WAYS YOU MURDERED ME! is it wrong to miss it? to miss the scene of the crime..? the death? the taste of blood..? just different ways, yet here is still as far as you've thrown. in due time you've killed forever... SLAIN! DISDAIN! those eyes are yet to see true colours of devastation, look at me! pulled apart by an aspect, and rebuilt by the architects of pain... this structures made to stand alone... steady death by hearts disgrace, say my name through this slow decline... this death i know. how sadly we have grown to know the heart of man... the seed of envy. CUT THIS FROM ME! saddened by the fact that i must cut my friend to bleed my enemy... how much longer must we fuking stay SUSPENDED?! my time to find the floor! my prize for meaning less... disdain. this death by hearts disgrace! hearts misplaced and now i'm bound TO THE VOID WITHIN YOUR CHEST! find your place! find your place!
Track Name: Temper
i've bit my final tongue... set back, bold and in a stranglehold, we perceive the SIN as our main food for thought! TOOK HEADS THAT NEVER HUNG SO LOW! i've bit my final tongue, you only hear me when the temper hits... LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR! flood to fire... our conscience burns beneath the seas... as we've found ourselves in this hell! at one with the temper that fell... in time the human smile shall fade, through these days of waste... these faces left to haunt us. in time the human smile will fade... through these days we waste! THESE DAYS THAT CIRCLE THE DRAIN! there's nothing left to save, there's no convincing her, no use in changing our ways! her violent seas, her squall our karma will leave us floating face down! her temper is a sea... we are her UNFORGIVEN! now breathe...
Track Name: Surrender Dorothy
broken past remembered chasing every smile from her face, forever chased by all time can't erase today... she says the bloodbath is thick AND FAST! rolling head, shattered love, brave afraid AND EVERYTHING'S FINE! now you’re feeling! though we've always seen the lights of emerald, she has, she has always had to fall! and the marvel she knows persists! as its all in good time my pretty... now i know i have a heart because it is breaking for you... and it's all in good time my pretty... so please relay exactly just what such broken hearts can do! in the end will you still let such a fear of loss define you? UNDERSTANDING THE REAL IN LIFE... and all that matters breaks her fall each time that house falls from the sky. return to colors of SORROW! nothing like home! you can't rest now... we're almost there... and there is not another place like home! behold the scars it delivers... no there is not another place like home! we all bear the scars home delivers! and the marvel you know still persists! cause this is all in good time my pretty... and now i know i have the heart, the heart that breaks for you... it was all in good time my pretty... you’ve displayed exactly just what such broken hearts can do... seize today and pray you'll wake up where the clouds are far behind you! LET THIS GO! and never wait on another. all emerald ever wanted you to know... that it was always only a colour. SURRENDER DOROTHY! nothing like home!
Track Name: Cold Thrones
fallout... the coldest throne, the madness alone scream comfort! it is the only throne we know! discarded dreams taint the ground of freedom gained... preoccupied and never satisfied... A WASTE, IN EVERY WAY! YOUR REALITIES OF FAILURE WILL FIND THEIR PLACE..! the iron age has bred the best of slaves... through worst of masters filching vacant thrones... COLD THRONES! from kingdom to prison, these walls stand the same. only the minds inside have changed! a life by greed denies itself, just bluffing with the hand we're dealt. this dealer does not shuffle! so we are frozen in time. separation bares a fine line. name your price... these days the higher THE BETTER! twice sold, one destiny, to fucking snakes as they eat their young! WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES OH! darkness bleeds out, this crimson light. it stains my blade and soaks my name! darkness bleeds out, this crimson light. stains my blade and soaks my fucking name! I HEAR THE SCREAMS... "prepare your sharpest blade and pierce my heart now!” this stain of belief, enslaves at best of times. grace falls from our kingdom, take my throne. lose. lose. this kingdom of fallen dreams. a world on its knees... forever through under achieves like you who run this fucking race! with nothing to do but chase, but chase, but chase. (prepare your sharpest blade and pierce my heart) our winters truths shall see me seated by you.... so i must be cold! THE TRUTH WON'T GO UNTOLD! it won't!
Track Name: Matthew
instrumental - in loving memory of our good friend MATTY WHEELDON R.I.P brother x
Track Name: Lateral Lines
so close yet a world away! forever holding back, forever under attack! GO! resist, this is the dawning... we search for vital signs, we search for breach of design! assist the twist of formal. undo this vertigo and stray from all the ways that we've outgrown... FUCK! our manifest of life still bares the saber of time and will kill for tomorrow! don't let this pass you by, let your surroundings show you why IT IS, IT DOES, IT WAS AND WILL BE OH! we are the devils we know and this a hell that a fool can't defend... hearts still beat within these dying stars till all they are left with is now... surviving somehow. should you come across a sacred brand... should you fall under command... should your faith assist the hand of failure... let it be known... NO GOD CAN SAVE YOU! there is no replacing the heart that breaks... before love. and there was no regretting a life's mistakes... before god. you fucked this up! we suffered a shadow! you fucked this up! you'll suffer us NOW! take life and run! the damage is done! OUR VICES ARE TIED AND YIELD TO NONE! save your pieces of the past! (we’ve lost ourselves so many times.) everything, everyone you've ever known... every time, every chance you've ever had... still is but won't be forever! these vices of mine... still are but won't be forever! guard increases under lateral lines and i'll never be sold! the damage is done, our vices are tied and yield to none! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN?! our vices are tied... our vices are tied...